How can you be the best parent?
  • There are many ways to be the best parent:
  • First,
    • You need to be in tune with yourself, and
      • know who you are.
    • When you know yourself enough,
      • you will be much better to take care of another person, and be attuned to the wants and needs of your children.
  • Second,
    • You need to love yourself -
      • i.e., self-love (not selfish).
    • When you can love yourself without beating up on yourself,
      • you will be able to love another person just like you would love yourself.
  • Third,
    • You should know how to self-parent your own self -
      • i.e., being able to take care of yourself and discipline yourself to do what you believe is caring.
    • When you can parent your own self,
      • you will be able to parent another person with the same tender loving care.
  • Fourth,
    • You should be able to give yourself permission
      • to do things that you deserve.
    • When you can allow yourself to do what your heart desire,
      • then you will be able to provide the best to your children.
  • Fifth,
    • You should be able to let yourself feel
      • your greatest joy and deepest pain.
    • When you can feel your emotions freely,
      • you will be able to sense the greatest emotional needs of your special kids.
How can you reach the place in your heart to do all these things?
  • First:
    • You have to know your self.
    • If you don't know your self,
      • you cannot give to yourself or love yourself fully,
      • let alone love your children wholeheartedly.
  • Second:
    • You have to know your own wants and needs.
    • If you don't know your wants and needs,
      • you will be competing with your kids in the wants and needs department.
      • That usually creates conflicts between you and your kids, and neither one of you will end up being happy or satisfied.
How can you know your self better?
  • You can know your true self better
    • by identifying your true nature - your own personality.
    • Then you will be in tune with yourself.
  • If you don't know who you are,
    • you will always be searching for yourself.
    • You will end up living the life of your kid in the process.
  • When you live your life through your kids,
    • you will be end up running the life of your kid, and
    • inevitably become a control freak in the process.
How can you identify your true self?
  • First, you need to identify your true nature -
    • i.e., the personality you are born with.
  • We all are born with a set of character traits that we feel comfortable with, and identify wth.
    • They are in-born characteristics like handedness that are natural to each of us individually.
  • Although these in-born traits can be altered in later life,
    • you won't ever feel comfortable being switched into someone who you are not (like switching the handedness).
  • When we switch our personality traits because of how we are raised up to fit in,
    • we often find ourselves that there is something missing in our lives until we found our true selves that we were born with originally.
  • Once you found your authentic self,
    • then it's like a heavy burden lifted off of your shoulder.
  • When that happen,
    • you will be able to parent your kid like what you wish you had been parented with all the tender loving care that you deserve.

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