How can you create that special parental bond with your kid?

  • By being your true person -
    • to love and care about yourself
    • as you would love and care about your kid.
  • When you pay that special attention to your kid
    • as you would take that same special attention tending to your own needs,
    • you will create that special bond with your kid (and yourself).
  • Understand that your kid is a special extension of you that you can share,
    • but he/she is an independent individual (rather than a part of you), and
    • the bond is the "glue" that hold you together.
  • The bond is the synchronicity created by
    • sharing the common traits you have, and
    • yet accepting the differences as unique individuals.
  • The bond is created by
    • being in tune with yourself while at the same time
    • being in tune with your kid mentally, physically and emotionally.

How can you maintain that special parental bond with your kid?

  • By being consistent with your own self -
    • to love openheartdely without withholding or demanding,
    • while setting limits with behaviors (rather than setting limits with love).
  • Understand the difference between love and behavior:
    • Love is an emotion, while
    • behavior is an act.
  • Withholding love is dysfunctional,
    • while setting limits with behavior is functional (healthy relating).
  • Love yourself first, and tend to your needs first:
    • When you don't tend to your own needs, you can't pay that extra attention to your kid (or anybody for that matter).
    • When your wants and needs are not fulfilled, that's where conflicts are created - who's needs are going to be get met?
    • Once you have your wants and needs met, you will have plenty to give to your kid.
  • Why self-love won't lead to selfishness?
    • Because selfishness is a behavior to hoard things when you don't have enough.
    • When you have plenty, or more than enough, most people won't hoard things around.
    • That's why when you can love yourself, you will have plenty to love another person, including your kid.

How can you identify that special parental bond with your kid?

  • Understand the true nature of yourself and your kid:
    • When you know the similarities and differences between your personality-types,
    • you will easily identify what is that special, unique bond that holds you together.
  • The first step is to identify your own true type -
    • the personality you are born with that is true to your nature.
  • Once you identify your own true nature, you will be able to identify the uniqueness between you and your kid.
    • Then the bond is automatically created when you accept the differences between you, and
    • welcome the specialness and uniqueness of you two.

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