How can you enjoy being a parent?

  • Love your kids for who they are -
    • instead of converting them to someone you want them to be, or
    • change them into someone who they are not;
    • allow them to be who they really are.
  • When you accept your kids for who they are, as an independent person,
    • then you will truly be a parent, and
    • they will love you for it.
  • When you learn from your own kids,
    • you will be able to be the best parent
    • because that's how you can pay attention to their wants and needs
    • instead of projecting what you want from them
  • When you can share and bond with your kids,
    • you will be able to be the greatest parent
    • because it is what you share that matters in the heart.

How can you enjoy the fruition of parenthood?

  • Even when all your kids are grown up,
    • when you have love and share with your kids the way you love yourself,
    • they will appreciate you the most, and be the greatest parents themselves.
  • True parenthood is the state of being able to see the wonderful results of your caring and nurturance that you provided for your kids
    • rather than turning them into a product of your own creation
    • because such a creation would be a denial of their own identity and individuality or their true selves.
  • True parenthood is based on the philosophy that
    • the next generation will be better off than you are rather than worse off,
    • so you won't dump your garbage on them even if you are unhappy with your own self.
  • True parenthood is accepting the fact that
    • the next generation will be replacing the old one (as a fact of life), and
    • parenting is the ability to find a replacement for yourself, for the better - that's what future generation is.
  • True parenthood is the ability to see parenting as a journey
    • rather than a destination.
    • Then, you will be able to enjoy every step along the way!

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